What is Jal Daan?

In a country of 133 crore citizens, 69 crore Indians lack access to healthy drinking water. Tandarust Bharat believes that every Indian deserves access to clean and safe drinking water. This concern is addressed through the 'Jal Daan' initiative. This initiative encourages people to take a pledge and allows them to do their bit in helping the entire nation get access to pure drinking water.

How can you be a part of this movement?

You can be a part of this movement by making a pledge and doing your bit towards the community in two simple ways.

Donate Money:

You could donate money to the initiative which will in turn be used to help build water purification plants across the nation and provide safe drinking water to local communities.

Donate Water:

You could also donate clean drinking water to the Jal Daan initiative by donating a bottle of clean drinking water or a certain amount of water through the Jal Daan Water Tanker.